First Day Of Classes


Are tomorrow I’m excited because this could be the last semester of my undergraduate career!




Things have been difficult but I am excited for what the future holds for me. The fall semester turned out to be a disaster grade wise and personally for me. Although some good also happened. I failed a class and will have to retake it, and received a lower grade in the other ones. I lost about twenty pounds in a couples months because I wasn’t eating right and started some new medication which effected my appetite. I went through this thing with a guy and that got really bad at times. I did move out of my parents house with roommates and that is proving to be difficult financially, emotionally, and physically. My car doesn’t start when it gets wet and that has caused even more stress. The great part is that I have made it through and am ready for better times in the coming months. I have refocused my life with Christ and am embracing new hobbies (like painting). I have a job at Publix but am currently in the search for another job to help pay for a new truck. I am filled with positive energy and am excited with what I will accomplish with this energy