I gotta stay positive


I started the year pretty well but lately I’ve been regressing into some old bad habits. I am not letting go of destructive elements in my life, whether they be people or actions. I haven’t been taking the steps to achieve the goals that I outlined for myself earlier this month. But I won’t get discouraged like I have stated before and will focus on thinking more positively. 


The Future Freaks Me Out


Today has been a bad signal for the upcoming year. I fell back on old habits and didn’t get much of anything accomplished. I did re-focus on school and the upcoming semester, which is a small victory. I calculated and planned out the remaining courses that I have to complete to graduate with my two undergrad degrees. It will be extremely difficult but I will get it done.

I know this might be cliché but…


Next year will be one for change. By this time next year I expect many significant changes in my life : have a car, get a job, graduate with my two undergrad degrees from Florida State University, get sober, study and take the GRE. Apply for graduate at Florida Gulf Coast University and finally officially begin what I fully beiieve will be a relationship with the man of my dreams. I feel these will not be the usual empty end of the year promises because I am fueled by the advantages that I will have by being in a new environment. Not only is South Florida a complete 180° from the panhandle; the distance provides me the freedom from my family that I need to grow and to develop into my own person. Of course I am terrified of the future and the chance that I fail miserably throughout next year but despite those feelings I will push through all the down times.